Top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets

P21: I would have liked to draw you a four dimensional picture. However, government cuts have meant that Cambridge university can afford only two dimensional screens.

People asked if the angel was me or not. I said, “No, rather the angel is part of the Collective Consciousness here in St. Louis that represents our need for healing and unity.” Quite often people say they can feel the spirit in my work.

At first, we should know the meaning of the word Yoga. It is derived from the Sanskrit root Yog, and it means to bind or to join, as it unites the body, mind and soul.

That is only the beginning. What follows is a kind of ‘Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ in reverse. The saintly Brother Parvus-another character right out of Robin Hood-teachers a surviving alien Latin. The alien has some strange ideas about latest space news. Sir Roger can accept the idea that the Earth is a sphere that revolves around the sun as the Greeks had similar notions. But the stars being other suns? Obviously the alien is having them on. Almost certainly he comes from a land from beyond Cathay.

The Tibetan Om symbol is different than the Hindu in appearance. The first character of both om symbols, from a western perspective, looks like a backwards three. But the second symbol of the sanskrit om looks like a circle, while the second symbol of the Tibetan one looks like a V. The earrings pictured above represent the Tibetan om symbol. On our website we also offer purses and other items with the sanskrit om symbol. But regardless of whether the symbol is a Tibetan Buddhist or Hindu symbol, the symbol is always recognizable as om.

This plane had two fixed lights on its wings with the red flashing lights in the middle. The second I saw the airplane I saw a bright light, seemingly so close to it as it appeared to me looking from below, that I took a deep breath thinking that it was another plane and if they were at close enough altitudes they were about to collide. But strangely the plane kept going in its path northeast and this light, nothing blinking like the other craft, just a light, it carried on west/northwest.

As a result of these malpractices, many are sceptical of these practises. Let me tell you this, planting a “Lucky Bamboo” will not help you enhance the Qi. In fact it can be very bad to the ecosystem.

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